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Claire and Paola

When Poetry Meets Art




We’ve got together to bring you something we hope you will enjoy – the creative blend of words and images that happens when poetry meets art.


When Claire completed the manuscript of her first poetry collection Walking with Angels, she was struck with how well Paola’s paintings worked with her poems.


Paola thought Claire’s poems were like miniature paintings.  They speak from the heart. and resonate with people. She immediately related to them because they are about things that happen in life.


Claire was thrilled when Paola agreed that her beautiful paintings could illustrate her books. In fact they don’t illustrate them, they adorn them. The problem was choosing which ones to use, they are all vibrant and beautiful, technically brilliant and deeply poetic!


The first painting Claire chose was Midnight Dancers, to illustrate her poem The Tutu. Ballet is another art form which really connects Claire and Paola.


The Tutu appeared in Claire’s first poetry collection Walking with Angels, which was published in 2015 and is illustrated by four of Paola’s paintings. Another four are in her second poetry book Dancing with Love, which was published in 2019. Four more illustrate her third book, Living with Joy, which was published in 2022. These works were created by Paola especially for the book.


A Poetic Journey From Grief To Serenity

Claire and Paola

When Poetry Meets Art